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Moore Prints LLC utilizes an electronic fingerprint systems that allow you to capture fingerprints and print high quality fingerprint cards, to submit fingerprint files for applicant criminal records checks, or to scan ink and paper cards and convert them for electronic submission to law enforcement agencies for criminal record checks.

LiveScan Fingerprint Systems

With live scan systems, fingerprints are captured optically and electronically, without using the messy inks and paper forms most people associate with having their fingerprints taken.

Applicants prefer live scan, and are often fascinated with the technology when they see it used. Because of this, it is easier for operators to capture clear fingerprints; and great print quality results in faster and simpler applicant records checks that speed your hiring process.

DS84c Scanner & Interop Palm Scanner systems incorporate a

quality check system to make sure that the fingerprints are clear and dark enough to be processed by the AFIS and IAFIS to which they will be submitted.

This is accompanied by an indicator that tells the operator which finger to print next, also on-board video that shows them in real time how to roll the print. So, even a novice or a secondary or back up operator can approach taking fingerprints with confidence, and will maximize the number of successful submissions. Live scan systems include both telephone modems and network interface cards for direct electronic submission. No matter which method you choose, electronic submission from a live scan system can reduce weeks or months of time spent waiting for an applicant check to a few days or even a few minutes.

What To Bring?

In order to receive Live Scan service you must present a *valid photo ID to the technician. The following are examples of acceptable forms of photo identification:

  • Passport
  • Driver's License
  • DMV ID Card
  • Out-of-state Driver's License
  • Alien Registration / Immigration Green Card
  • Military ID Card
  • Mexican Consulate ID Card

The illustration below is a sample of a BCII 8016 "Request for Live Scan" service form. The following are important fields that are to be completed:

1. ORI Code

- The Agency's "Applicant Record Identifier" assigned by the DOJ.

2. Type of Application

& job title.


Agency Address Set

- that will receive Applicant background information.

4. Mail Code

- Agency's 5-digit, DOJ assigned code.

5. Contact

- Name of the Agency contact person.

6. Telephone

- Agency contact person telephone number.

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