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About Us!

Moore Prints LLC is one of the premier fingerprinting collecting company, assisting you in your background investigation ....

Put simply, we are in the Homeland Security business. We are a fast growing business, we offer an ever-expanding and comprehensive fingerprinting/investigative solution to help employers better manage the fingerprint collection process along with background investigation screening.

Moore Prints LLC is a certified fingerprinting company that is governed by the NFCC (National Fingerprint Collection Clearinghouse). During our first year of service the certified collector team collected approximately 75,000 fingerprints in a nine month period, with a 2% ratio of unclassified prints. Moore Prints LLC can assist your organization in the purchasing, training and installation of your Live Scan equipment.

To view the various types of equipment visit We operate as a mobile fingerprinting company of which, our services assist in background checks for any organization or company. Our services include: fingerprinting for domestic and international needs accounts. Moore Prints LLC is presently using DS84 Live Scan and Interop Palm Live Scan systems for fingerprint collections. Over the last seven years it has proved itself time and time again to deliver clear and legible prints both electronic and digital manual ten print cards. The Moore Prints LLC NFCC certified collection team looks forward to working with you and your company, towards a prosperous future. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit . Please do not hesitate to contact Robert Moore CEO, Moore Prints LLC with any questions or concerns.

Moore Prints LLC

Client List

•Airbus Training Center -Miami FL

•Alteon-Boeing Training Center - Atlanta GA

•Japan Airline- Kagoshima Japan

•Japan Air Commuter - Kagoshima Japan

•Flight Works

•Air Comet

•Sky Airline - Santiago, Chile

• Japan Air Cargo - Henada Japan

• Aeromexico Airline - Mexico

• Mexicana Airlines

• Net Jets Europe - Portugal


•Express Pros. McDonough GA

• Argentina Airlines - Argentina

• Net Jets Training Center - Ohio

•Augsta Westland - Italy

•Primaris Airlines Las Vegas NV

•St Josephs Hospital Atlanta GA

•Northside Hospital Atlanta GA

Scottish Rite Hospital Atlanta GA

•Egleston Children's Hospital - Atlanta, GA

Emory Healthcare Atlanta GA

* Flight Safety International Atlanta

UCB Pharmaceuticals Smyrna

Delta Airline Boston, JFK, Orlando


McDonough, Georgia

678-360-5574 Cell


Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM

Sat: 8AM - 5PM

Sun: Closed

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